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The courage to leave the secure bubble creates the space to pursue the passion and a life really wanted.

The bubble looks different for everyone, this is one of them...

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"I was a British Marine Commando for eighteen years.

I served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone. But I never enjoyed it. I just enjoyed the respect that it gave me. The whole time I was just pretending to be a soldier.

The problem is that I was good at it, and it’s extremely hard to walk away from something that you’re good at.

Ironically, the military life is incredibly secure. Every one of your needs is taken care of—finances, medical, structure.

I never had the courage to leave that bubble. Even though I was known for being physically courageous, I was a coward about pursuing the life I really wanted.

But I finally did it. I spent the last two years in acting school. I’m gonna be a movie star, mate."

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