Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA Places we go, places we visit and places we experience, we usually want to be picture perfect. Days like this though we really get to know a place when it's shining crown is off! The water is delightfully warm with the lower outside air temperature and Bondi looks starkly different [...]

Mt Cook, NEW ZEALAND ~ PLACES thumbnail


Mt Cook, NEW ZEALAND Serenity together with clear, still nights create divine moments and experiences. We love a starry sky and this one near Mt Cook is a beautiful. - "The valley out near Mt Cook is one of my favourite places on earth. Last time I was there it was minus 7 Celsius and [...]

Arctic Circle, CANADA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Arctic Circle, CANADA ~ PLACES

Arctic Circle, CANADA Natural light is all a matter of perspective! This magical neon green from the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) is at the Arctic Circle in Canada. - "Magical night with the Northern Lights!! The neon green lights in the sky twisted and danced around for over 4 hours. This arctic circle sign in [...]

Lagos Lagoon, NIGERIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Lagos Lagoon, NIGERIA ~ PLACES

Lagos Lagoon, NIGERIA Wow! Getting present to reality... & the industrialization we take as an everyday phenomenon... these sails are made with rice sacks, propelled by the wind to move sand pulled by hand for construction! #beauty #practicality not sure about #modern - "Boats powered by wind and propelled with sails made of rice sacks transport sand pulled by hand [...]

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Remote ~ ALASKA Life's greatest experiences often come unexpected, in a split second decision and bring wonderful surprises.  This is one such adventure in remote Alaska... #boattrip #paddle #swim #alaska #wilderness   - "Endless possibilities on this remote Alaskan boat trip last year.. We paddled to shore from the boat and punched through the shorebreak to find a unknown wave [...]

Wine Glass Bay – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Wine Glass Bay – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Wine Glass Bay ~ Tasmania, AUSTRALIA Clear blue sky, crystal clear water, natural green landscape, 360 deg views. The reward for making the summit at Mt Amos (Wineglass Bay ~ Tasmania, Australia) - "Yup.  This is @tasmania #discovertasmania Wineglass Bay as seen from the summit of Mt. Amos in Freycinet National Park. It was an awesome hour [...]

Ta Prohm Temple – CAMBODIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Ta Prohm Temple – CAMBODIA ~ PLACES

Ta Prohm Temple Complex ~ CAMBODIA There amazing places & powerful movies. Then there's where the two meet together to #blowyourmind as the Ta Prohm Temple Complex in Cambodia does. A Unesco site and featured prominently in the Tomb Raider movies. @cntraveler shares more.... - "The sun's just up on Monday morning in #Singapore as I start to wrap [...]

Bridestowe Lavender Estate – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Bridestowe Lavender Estate – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Bridestowe Lavender Estate - Tasmania, AUSTRALIA The joy and beauty of discovering places is the unexpected, unusual, atypical ones we find. This Lavender Estate in Tasmania, Australia is certainly one of those with it's lush purple flowers and bold red dirt. - "The red soil, so vibrant, slowly lifted in small puffs with every footfall. [...]

Highlining – Monte Piana, ITALY ~ PLACES thumbnail

Highlining – Monte Piana, ITALY ~ PLACES

Highlining - Monte Piana, ITALY Hanging around in places certainly has a different perspective in Italy. #hangingaround #italy #adventure - "Hammocks in the Air at the International Highline Meeting, Monte Piana, Italian Alps." Photograph by ©Giordano Garosio @giordi_gr #Repost from @wildlifeplanet #places #montepiana #alps #europe #hammock #highline Enjoyed this?...You might also enjoy:  Other PLACES Posts  Our LATEST Posts  Our PEOPLE Posts  Our PLANET Posts

Longsheng, CHINA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Longsheng, CHINA ~ PLACES

Longsheng, CHINA Engineering, agriculture and landscape ~ beauty and genius in Longsheng, China #places #experience #travel - "Rice terraces in #Longsheng, #Guangxi, #China. Terraced paddy fields wind up from the riverside to the mountain top in a feat of farm engineering that allows the communities of #Longsheng to harvest rice in a mountainous area. This photo is featured in our inspirational hardback [...]