The Highest Pass | Film Trailer thumbnail

The Highest Pass | Film Trailer

  "The Highest Pass is within us. This journey is to realize that."   "Soon after Adam Schomer meets a modern yogi and guru, Anand Mehrotra, they plan an expedition through the highest passes of the Himalayas in Northern India. These are some of the most dangerous roads in the world, yet they manage to [...]

Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser – The Highest Pass Film thumbnail

Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser – The Highest Pass Film

After the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, most of us feel for the people, the communities and the enormous effort to rebuild the country. Some of us have been there others just feel connected as part of humanity.  The Highest Pass Film is a documentary of spirit, culture, landscape and in keeping with the region adventure. It [...]



We share the planet with creatures great and small! Check out this cute little critter - Glass Frog! You can see straight through him. Imagine if you could see straight through us... We'd be invisible and safe in our environment. #frog #glasstreefrog --- "Glass frog or "see-through frog" is a unique type of frog that is [...]

SEA ANEMONE ~ Spring Beach, Australia ~ PLANET thumbnail

SEA ANEMONE ~ Spring Beach, Australia ~ PLANET

Wow we're captivated by this beautiful creature! A Sea Anemone in the ocean at Spring Beach, Tasmania who shares the planet with us. Check out those tentacles!... --- "Sea anemone fabulously waving its tentacles around on this gorgeous summers day, well it was on the East Coast any way." #Repost from @jayedevil #underwater #Australia @australia #exploreaustralia #colourful #surf #exploretasmania #SeaAnemone #tasmania #beauty #colour #underwatercreatures #planet #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet #springbeach #freycinet Enjoyed this?...You might also [...]

CLOWNFISH, Great Barrier Reef ~ PLANET thumbnail

CLOWNFISH, Great Barrier Reef ~ PLANET

Creatures great and small; on land and in water all make up our planet. These beautiful Clownfish certainly brighten the environment underwater. --- "Great day out on the Great Barrier Reef with curious clownfish and an amazing group of students from #NGStudentExpeditions in #Australia." Photo by photography and filmmaking expert and @NatGeo explorer @ullalohmann #Repost from @natgeotravel #coral #thisisqueensland @queensland #queensland #qld #greatbarrierreef #reef #underwater #clownfish #purple @australia #thisisaustralia #planet #fish #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet #environment #ocean Enjoyed this?...You [...]

Underwater Whales ~ PLANET thumbnail

Underwater Whales ~ PLANET

Wow - what an amazing planet we live in above and below the surface! #weareone #whales #underwater #blue #serene #bliss#peaceful #planet --- "This image pretty much sums up my year  I have had plenty of unexpected encounters and have been lucky enough to travel the world doing what I love most. I will be giving Instagram a break until the new year [...]

The Kangaroo Sanctuary ~ PLANET thumbnail

The Kangaroo Sanctuary ~ PLANET

An inspiring and heart touching journey, with baby kangaroos and Kangaroo Dundee! Brolga (Kangaroo Dundee) first established the baby kangaroo (joey) rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005 to help baby kangaroos he found orphaned in the bush. His love, generosity and compassion for the kangaroos is heart touching. He then went on to build [...]

Galapagos Tortoise Serenity ~ PLANET thumbnail

Galapagos Tortoise Serenity ~ PLANET

Serenity and perfection in nature with all living things as one, with this Giant Galápagos #tortoise #beauty --- "A giant Galapagos tortoise moves through a red fern-filled pond in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands. Taken while on an expedition with #ngexpeditions." Photo by @tylermetcalfe #Repost from @natgeotravel #galapagos #planet#animals #turtles #galapagos #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet Enjoyed this?...You might also enjoy:  Other PLANET Posts  Our LATEST [...]

Dogsledder, Russia ~ PEOPLE thumbnail

Dogsledder, Russia ~ PEOPLE

People are amazing. What they endure, what they will do for each other and for creatures great and small. Ulrik Vedel, a dogsledder shoes this passion for his dogs. As Gordon Wiltsie who photographed it describes the bitterness for himself in just taking the photo.  --- "As temperatures dip and what some people from the lower [...]

Elephants Rehabilitation, Love & Connection ~ PLANET thumbnail

Elephants Rehabilitation, Love & Connection ~ PLANET

The importance of connection and the difference it makes is the same in animals and humans. The love and connection is evident between these two gorgeous souls. #planet --- "I photographed this elephant and mahout in an elephant park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is dedicated to rescuing elephants for rehabilitation. The mahouts (trainers) spend [...]