Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Bondi Beach ~ Sydney, AUSTRALIA Places we go, places we visit and places we experience, we usually want to be picture perfect. Days like this though we really get to know a place when it's shining crown is off! The water is delightfully warm with the lower outside air temperature and Bondi looks starkly different [...]

SEA ANEMONE ~ Spring Beach, Australia ~ PLANET thumbnail

SEA ANEMONE ~ Spring Beach, Australia ~ PLANET

Wow we're captivated by this beautiful creature! A Sea Anemone in the ocean at Spring Beach, Tasmania who shares the planet with us. Check out those tentacles!... --- "Sea anemone fabulously waving its tentacles around on this gorgeous summers day, well it was on the East Coast any way." #Repost from @jayedevil #underwater #Australia @australia #exploreaustralia #colourful #surf #exploretasmania #SeaAnemone #tasmania #beauty #colour #underwatercreatures #planet #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet #springbeach #freycinet Enjoyed this?...You might also [...]

CLOWNFISH, Great Barrier Reef ~ PLANET thumbnail

CLOWNFISH, Great Barrier Reef ~ PLANET

Creatures great and small; on land and in water all make up our planet. These beautiful Clownfish certainly brighten the environment underwater. --- "Great day out on the Great Barrier Reef with curious clownfish and an amazing group of students from #NGStudentExpeditions in #Australia." Photo by photography and filmmaking expert and @NatGeo explorer @ullalohmann #Repost from @natgeotravel #coral #thisisqueensland @queensland #queensland #qld #greatbarrierreef #reef #underwater #clownfish #purple @australia #thisisaustralia #planet #fish #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet #environment #ocean Enjoyed this?...You [...]

Wine Glass Bay – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Wine Glass Bay – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Wine Glass Bay ~ Tasmania, AUSTRALIA Clear blue sky, crystal clear water, natural green landscape, 360 deg views. The reward for making the summit at Mt Amos (Wineglass Bay ~ Tasmania, Australia) - "Yup.  This is @tasmania #discovertasmania Wineglass Bay as seen from the summit of Mt. Amos in Freycinet National Park. It was an awesome hour [...]

Underwater Whales ~ PLANET thumbnail

Underwater Whales ~ PLANET

Wow - what an amazing planet we live in above and below the surface! #weareone #whales #underwater #blue #serene #bliss#peaceful #planet --- "This image pretty much sums up my year  I have had plenty of unexpected encounters and have been lucky enough to travel the world doing what I love most. I will be giving Instagram a break until the new year [...]

Bridestowe Lavender Estate – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail

Bridestowe Lavender Estate – Tasmania, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES

Bridestowe Lavender Estate - Tasmania, AUSTRALIA The joy and beauty of discovering places is the unexpected, unusual, atypical ones we find. This Lavender Estate in Tasmania, Australia is certainly one of those with it's lush purple flowers and bold red dirt. - "The red soil, so vibrant, slowly lifted in small puffs with every footfall. [...]

#illridewithyou Sydney ~ PLANET thumbnail

#illridewithyou Sydney ~ PLANET

#illridewithyou As Sydneysiders learn that yesterday's events were one person, acting alone in fear they have raised beyond it and a message of #support and #acceptance of all people has risen. After a woman on a local Sydney train noticed a Muslim woman taking off her head covering. She said, "No, if you want to wear it, wear it. [...]

The Kangaroo Sanctuary ~ PLANET thumbnail

The Kangaroo Sanctuary ~ PLANET

An inspiring and heart touching journey, with baby kangaroos and Kangaroo Dundee! Brolga (Kangaroo Dundee) first established the baby kangaroo (joey) rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005 to help baby kangaroos he found orphaned in the bush. His love, generosity and compassion for the kangaroos is heart touching. He then went on to build [...]

Uluru, Australia ~ PLACES thumbnail

Uluru, Australia ~ PLACES

Uluru, Australia "We LOVE a sunburnt country!" What magnificent scenery, landscape, #redsoil and #sky in the #outback! - "We've never seen an image of @exploreuluru like this one before, which was brilliantly captured. Taken from a south-east perspective, you can see just how magical this special place in @ausoutbacknt really is, no wonder more than 250,000 people from all around [...]

Sydney, AUSTRALIA ~ PLACES thumbnail


Sydney, Australia Home is where the heart is! Travelling far and wide nourishes the soul. However, with divine natural beauty in the beaches, the harbour, the native animals or the bush; cultural delights in the music, the theatre, sport and food; and a mix of multi-cultural people interested in nature, beauty, adventure, culture, health, wellbeing and making a difference for [...]