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Jo McGregor ~ Author, New Zealand

Jo lives with her husband Jimmy and their two awesome young children in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a passionate about her family, animals and travelling.

In February 2010, Jo had the amazing opportunity to visit the Antarctic Peninsula on board the Professor Multinovsky, a Russian Icebreaker, with a team of other Antarctic explorers on the same life-changing adventure.

Each day Jo had the privilege and thrill of kayaking alongside leopard seals, ice climbing cliff faces and exploring some of the islands, often very close to the various species of inquisitive penguins.

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Inspired by her experience in Antarctica and her children, Jo wrote the children's book "Penguin Pete" while in the waters of Antarctica, creating a story with a wonderful moral for children.

Jo dedicates her book "Penguin Pete" to the leader of her Antarctic expedition, Australian Peter Bland. Peter had major heart surgery as a young child that created a large scar across his chest, making him feel and look different from his friends. It was his story, of showing how his scar actually encouraged bravery, adventure and success in life that inspired Jo to write a book with an anti-bullying message. Pete Bland continues to be a motivational speaker, philanthropist and travel guide all around the world. He was the first Australian in 1998 to walk to the North Magnetic Pole, and the only Australian to have ventured to both the North and South Magnetic Poles.

To find out more about Jo's gorgeous book "Penguin Pete" and to grab a copy (perfect for christmas or birthdays!) click here or go to:


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