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PPP-Planet-Beauty-In-Everyday-ObjectsAdding #beauty to everyday objects is something we can all do to recognize beauty is everywhere in ours lives.

It is some the the Bhutanese do wonderfully as shared here...


"I was buying a gho (traditional dress for Bhutanese men) at a very tiny, very local shop in Paro, Bhutan. An old man walked in with a handful of arrows (archery is the national sport). I went along my business looking for just the right fabric for my gho while he looked for metal arrow tips (why you do that a gho fashion boutique, I don't know) when I took a closer look at the arrows.

I was surprised to see how beautifully they were taped at the back. I don't think the colors mean anything other the Bhutanese insistence on adding beauty to the everyday objects of their lives.

This seems to add to their Gross National Happiness."

Photograph & Story by @thesartorialist in #Bhutan

#Repost from @cntraveler

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