The courage to leave the secure bubble creates the space to pursue the passion and a life really wanted. The bubble looks different for everyone, this is one of them... #people #passion #dreams #courage --- "I was a British Marine Commando for eighteen years. I served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Sierra Leone. But I never enjoyed it. I [...]

Always follow your heart! It's "Better than Fantastic", it's what your soul is yearning for, it keeps you happy and alive!  #people --- "My wife and I were both on the six figure plan. I was thinking that if I could get to $100,000 a year, I’d be all right. I studied information systems and [...]

Space and Smiles! Keeping a check on reality and life.  #people --- "I legally changed my name to Space. It's to remind me that the problems in your life are like stars. When you're up close to them, they can burn you. But when you see them with space between them, they are phenomenal specks [...]

Heroism comes in many forms and actions great and small. What can you do today?  #people  #makingadifference --- "What’s the most heroic thing you’ve ever done?" "I was sitting on the stoop one day, and I saw these two guys from the neighborhood sneak up behind a lady and reach into her purse. I shouted at them [...]

When the universe weaves its magic of synchronicity, seemingly random occurrences seem already set in place. #random #hitchhiking #people #love #17years --- "She picked me up when I was hitchhiking 17 years ago. She was in a caravan of orange 1973 Volkswagen buses. It was the first car I saw. I wasn't even on the right side of the [...]

A beautiful story on following your passion and how you can start anything new at any age! #followyourheart --- "I used to be obsessed with cooking. It was all I thought about. I did cooking shows on the BBC. I wrote 27 cookbooks. I wrote a whole cookbook just about garlic. Then one night, I was [...]

People are amazing. What they endure, what they will do for each other and for creatures great and small. Ulrik Vedel, a dogsledder shoes this passion for his dogs. As Gordon Wiltsie who photographed it describes the bitterness for himself in just taking the photo.  --- "As temperatures dip and what some people from the lower [...]

Embrace passion and fun at every age! --- "The competition is getting fierce." #Repost from @humansofny  #people #kids #startingyoung #peopleplacesplanet @peopleplacesplanet #passion #photographer #ny#nyc #humansofny   Enjoyed this?...You might also enjoy:  Other PEOPLE Posts  Our LATEST Posts  Our PLACES Posts  Our PLANET Posts

Jo McGregor ~ Author, New Zealand Jo lives with her husband Jimmy and their two awesome young children in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is a passionate about her family, animals and travelling. In February 2010, Jo had the amazing opportunity to visit the Antarctic Peninsula on board the Professor Multinovsky, a Russian Icebreaker, with a team of [...]

We LOVE full Self-Expression!... --- "I feel powerful." #Repost from @humansofny  #people #peopleplacesplanet #ny #newyork #believeinyourself #followyourheart #selfexpression #powerful #human #kilt   Enjoyed this?...You might also enjoy:  Other PEOPLE Posts  Our LATEST Posts  Our PLACES Posts  Our PLANET Posts